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IOM COnnector for MailChimp v2.2.0.19 is now available

The IOM Connector for MailChimp version is now available.  This version has an installer - simply select the destination folder during the installation process and the installer will place the files there for you.  We also added the ability to import email campaign activity data from MailChimp into Raiser's Edge, added the ability to import MailChimp group data, and the ability to export updates to list members.


Revision History

Added MailChimp campaign activity connector

Added Last Modified Date parameter to the MailChimp import connectors

Added ability to import Group data for subscribers and unsubscribers

Fixed issue where the number processed in the confirmation window was showing the entire list amount

Added ability to export updates to existing list members

Added installer for MailChimp Connector


This version is now available for download in our Connector Library.  

Access the MailChimp chapter of the IOM User Guide here.

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