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Luminate Online - TeamRaiser and Split Gift improvements!

With our July update to the ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online, we've made a few key updates to our Luminate Online profiles.  

Based on feedback from users, we've added more flexibility to meet more of your needs.  TeamRaiser Surveys will now allow you to select multiple events, as long as they have the same questions across each event.  This should alleviate having to create many profiles for what is essentially the same import.  For example, if you're hosting the same event at multiple locations, you can import their survey questions together rather than run a separate import per location.

We've also improved how we handle split gifts and designation information.  Previously, designation information was only available if you were importing Donation data as split gifts in Raiser's Edge.  We've removed that split gift requirement now.  You can still import split gifts, but you'll also be able to see designation information when importing as standard gifts.  Speaking of split gifts, we've also added the ability to import split gifts (and designation information) to the Organization Donations profile.  


Once you've taken a look over the full list of what's new in our Connector for Luminate Online, you can download the latest version on our downloads page.  Instructions on updating the connector can be found in the user guide.

Version - Pending approval in Blackbaud Hosting
Added ability to select multiple events for TeamRaiser Survey
Added ability to import split gifts and designation fields to Organization Donations profile type (recommended: after updating, refresh your profile and match existing fields by name)
Designation information will now be imported with Donation Data with or without split gifts turned on
Fixed issue where payment method was always importing as "Credit Card" in TeamRaiser Gifts
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