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e-mail bounce backs: Bill-O-Matic

Good morning.

My school plans to go live with Bill-O-Matic in two weeks.

I want to avoid my e-mails from winding up in users' spam folders. Aside from white listing (which works, but is not 100% effective), does any one have tips to help prevent student bills from winding up in users' spam folders?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Sal,

We really don't hear many reports of statements ending up on spam boxes, but like you surmised nothing is 100% effective at keeping emails out of spam folders. (I just found out that my emails were going into the spam folder of one of our favorite BOM clients, while my colleagues' emails were not... I thought she was mad at me!)

One thing I would recommend is adding a SPF record to your domain. A SPF record tells mail filters from which IP addresses they should expect to see genuine emails from your organization. There is a Google Apps-specific discussion of SPF here, but it's pretty good for background knowledge:
More detailed information is available here:

If you're concerned about your organization's mail servers being flagged as spammers just because of volume from BOM, I'm not sure I'd worry too much about that. Even if sending 1500 emails, I don't think it'd be a blip on anyone's radar (especially since it takes a few seconds for FE/EE to spit out a PDF report between each email). If you're still worried about this though, I would recommend using a third-party SMTP service, like For just a few bucks a month you can offload all the mailing from your own servers. Just be sure to add an SPF entry for your third party's email service.

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