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Skip cell (not row) if cell is blank in Importomatic

I have Target Analytics information I am trying to import but I don't want to import blank information if there is nothing in a cell.  I have 3 columns with information/data I want to import "IF" there is data in the cell.  For some people all 3 have returned data but other people may only have data in 1 cell and the others are blank.  I want to avoid cells with no information or $0.00 value from importing blank or $0.00 information.  I'd like it to ignore that cell (and all virtual fields that correspond with it) if it is blank or has $0.00 and still process the rest of the row.  Anyone know a way to make this possible?

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Hi Jennifer, 

ImportOmatic won't import blank information so blank cells you don't have to worry about, and you can create a dictionary that converts 0.00 to blank. The virtual fields associated with those cells can be tricky though.  Are the virtual fields setup as static fields currently?



John, yes the virtual fields are static (2 copy a date from the field map).  The info. in the cell is going into the Prospect Ratings "description" so if it's empty then the source, date, category and notes all populate but the description is left blank and I want it to just skip the entire cell and it's virtual fields if it's blank.

So the source, category, and notes are all virtual static fields associated with the prospect ratings found in the data file?

Yes, they are.

You could handle everything except the date fields using copy field and dictionaries.  So you would change your virtual field to copy field instead of static, and the seed would be the row that contains the rating.  The dictionary would populate the cells only if the rating wasn't blank.  Since the dates are already using copy field from a different row we can't use that same logic.  So if you wanted to populate the dates using some other logic (like a setting for today's date in IOM) it would be doable.  Beyond that it would require a customization in the IOM API.

Thanks so much for your help...that might work!

Glad to be of help!

So John, I tired the dictionaries and as long as the cells have info. they work on the virtual fields but I tested on 2 of the cells being blank and the whole row becomes an exception.  I get the error saying "Source row 1 produced Excel error row 2: Required Field Missing:"  Back to the drawing board

Can you post the dictionaries that you're using?

Attached is one of them - they all have the same format.


That looks good.  How are you populating the dates?  Also if the cells sometimes have 0 or 0.00 you could add that to the line above in the dictionary.  So the first line would be value to match on 0.00 with a replacement value of blank, no regular expression.  Then the second line would be exactly what you just posted.

But if I don't want to import the $0.00, will changing it to blank create a blank field upon import?  As for the date, I selected the option in "general settings" for default new attribute dates from process date.  It worked and used today's date for the prospect rating date when I had info. in the cell but when I delete the info. in the cell and import it as empty/blank I get the exception/error.  So I'm not sure why I'm getting the error

Can you export the profile and upload it here?  I'll take a look.

To export it:

* IOM Configuration

* Highlight the name of the profile you are using

* Right click on it and choose to export

* Send me the .json file that is created

* It will be named in this fashion: IOM_Profile_Export_<profilename>.json

Here's the profile.  Thank you so much for your help!

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