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Differentiating Work and Personal Emails

Hi everyone:

I wanted to check with the group on how to manage importing a list of emails in one field and having to differentiate them into business emails (email type = "Work Email") and personal email (email type = "Home email"). The source data does not differentiate by type, and even when we get source files that do we find that email addresses from businesses (eg. and personal ( are ending up in the wrong column due to user entry. Right now we're cleaning up files prior to import, which is time consuming. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth continuing to define email types this way at all, and then whether to automate the entry based on the domain of the email address.

So two questions:

1) How many of us are differentiating emails be personal/business in the email type field, and

2) Has anyone developed a process by which they look at the domain name following the email address to determine the email type?  For instance: "@Hotmail", "@gmail", and other usual suspects would be a personal address, and anything else would be business eg. "@blackbaud" or "@omatic"). This would seem to be possible with regex and a dictionary.



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Hi Gregg,

I did help a client with exactly what you are referring to in question two a couple of months back.  I don't remember exactly how we built the dictionary but it was something like this (with more entries in the home section, but you get the idea).

First line


Second line




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