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Luminate Online connector

Hi all.  I'm trying to find out which field the LO Connector uses to link RE records to LO records.  The connector is in our current year's budget but we have not purchased it just yet so I'm not able to peek around to figure this out.

In LO we are storing different information in the Member ID field, for about one-third of the records we have the RE constituent ID, and for the rest we have what we call the contributor ID (which is an abbreviated RE Import ID).

Anyway, I would like to get this standardized before we go live with the connector.  I used the RELO integration at my last org and stored RE cons ID in the LO Member ID field.  Is it the same with the LO Connector?  

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Hi Josh,

Keep in mind that you're using IOM so you aren't held to the limitation of a rule that says this field in LO has to be mapped to this field in RE, you get to make that decision.  That being said we strongly suggest mapping Luminte ID to a Luminate online alias in RE.  The overwhelming majority of our clients do this.  Even if you did that you could still map the LO Member ID to the RE Constituent ID.  I've certainly had clients go that route as well.  That is of course all on the import side.  When exporting from RE to LO you can match on LO ID, Member ID, or email address.  Again you can map any field that you like from RE to match to those fields in LO.  Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions.



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