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Luminate Connector v1.0.9.0 and a note about the upcoming Luminate IP address changes

Have you ever noticed that the Luminate Online Connector automatically maps many fields for you when you create a new import profile?  This can be really helpful on commonly used fields, so you don't have to search for them.  

Occasionally, we make adjustments to the premapped fields, based on user feedback.  For example, we learned that most folks do NOT use the salutation fields, so resetting those to be ignored every time you build a new profile is annoying.  We've fixed that!  The best news is that you'll see this change apply automatically to all new profiles, but you do not need to refresh your existing profiles.  If you've customized your field mapping and want to replicate it on new profiles, remember you have the option to copy existing profiles for new campaigns, events, etc.

In addition to the field mapping improvement, we've also fixed a couple bugs reported to our Support team.  If your team needs these improvements, you can download the latest version here.  If you're a bit rusty on how to install connector updates, you can review the instructions here or contact our Support team for help.

In other Luminate news, Blackbaud recently announced they will be updating the IP addresses for their Luminate servers, which may affect white-listing of various integrations.  This issue should not affect the ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online.

Luminate Connector - Approved for use in Blackbaud Hosting

- Improved default field mapping across all profile types to make adding profiles easier (no refresh required on existing profiles)

- Fixed issue where survey questions were not included when the event name contained special characters

- Fixed issue where Team Raiser Registrations and Donations shared an ID number