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Regular Expression Dictionary Help Needed

We need to parse out a single value from a very long string of values like this:

Business Alumni (1041) Opt Ins,Education Alumni(1042) Opt Outs,Nursing Alumni (1043) Opt Outs,Viewpoint Online (Alumni E-Newsletter)(1044) Opt Ins,DS - 2018/03/08 12:00:39 - New - Task 1752676964

We need a separate dictionary for each of these opt-in and opt-out categories, to record each of these interests individually. The dictionary we came up with is below, but doesn't work on this string. I think it is because of the parathesis in the strings. Can anyone advise?

No Nursing Alumni E-Communications .*Nursing Alumni (1043) Opt Outs.* TRUE FALSE
^(?!No Alumni E-Communications).*$  TRUE FALSE
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Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the delay in your post getting posted!  Your first line should be .*Nursing Alumni \(1043\) Opt Outs.* It also looks like you're missing Nursing in your value to match on in the second line.  You have No Alumni E-Communications and it should be No Nursing Alumni E-Communications. 



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