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Question about Data Dictionaries and Matching List Values

 Good day, all,

I have a question about data dictionaries and matching values.  We have a profile that has a virtual field that copies an import field of team names, and a dictionary that matches those team names to their respective funds using the Fund Description in Raiser's Edge.  Until this point the dictionary has worked just fine, however recently the system we use to receive online gifts (MobileCause) and from which we export reports to process those gifts, changed the way these gifts are viewed.  On our end, the department in charge of those teams is constantly updating and changing team names without our knowledge, so we have no idea that a team name is not receiving the correct fund until after the import is complete and the batch is created, and our gift processing team has to then go in and add that information manually when they shouldn't have to. 

So, my question is: is there a way I can have the team-fund dictionary contain a bit more broad criteria to anticipate name changes or new teams without having to consistently worry about team names getting updated to the batch without a fund and the gift team having to then go in and manually put that information in?  We thought at first about using the campaign name from MC to match to the fund, but there are two distinct funds being exported as part of one of the main campaigns, and the only way we can differentiate which gift goes in which fund is by the actual team name.  Is there a way to do this within the dictionary itself, or within IOM at all?

Thank you very much.

How much are the team names changing?  Could you use key words?  For example the team name is Omatic bike ride, then the name changes to Ride for the Cause with Omatic Software.  You could have a value to match on of .*Omatic.* with a replacement value of Fund 1.  That dictionary says that if the incoming team name contains Omatic anywhere at all it will translate to Fund 1.



Hello John,

Thank you very much for your response.  I think we have the exact formatting confirmed from our exports so that helps a little bit.  I've been trying to think of what the pattern or keyword might be but that is tricky since there is no consistency or pattern to the names of the teams except for the fact that they are all missions teams and the team name is the location that each team will be travelling to.  One of the solutions I've been considering is just to match the fund to the campaign name.  The only problem with this is that there is one Trip/Team in one of the campaigns that is actually under a different fund, and there is no way to split dictionary values between two different fields.  Basically one campaign has teams that go under two different funds, and the second campaign has only one associated fund.

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