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interactive screen for gift appeal/campaign mismatches?

Hi all,

I'm trying to replace an old Access system our charity use to pre-process data files before importing them into RE. The bit I'm stuck on having a better solution for is that the Access app takes a csv, highlights any gift appeal or campaign codes that aren't in RE, then provides a drop-down for a user to choose the correct campaign/appeal. Once it's all done then they export a csv file and it loads into RE with no problems. Is there any way to replicate this correcting of missing campaign/appeal data through Importomatic in some way? Some kind of interactive screen when no matches are found for a gift campaign appeal.



Hi Michael,

It's certainly possible to build a customization do this into an IOM profile, but the level of effort to do so would likely be pretty high.  If you'd like to get a price estimate I can have your account rep reach out to you to discuss options.



Hi John, that'd be good to know please. Thanks.

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