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Importing relationships from Dynamics 365

We are using Scribe to output CSVs from Dynamics 365 (D365) for the purposes of data integration with The Raisers Edge (TRE) via Importomatic IOM)

Out of D365/Scribe we get two lines, for each relationships):


CONSTITUENT_ID	Relationship	RecirocalRelationship	RecipConstID	DATE_FROM	DATE_TO	Date_Last_Changed	CRM GUID
500282	Neice	Aunt	500283			08/06/2018 14:55	{A5D8C29D-236B-E811-8129-70106FAAD2F1}
500283	Aunt	Neice	500282			08/06/2018 14:55	{AED8C29D-236B-E811-8129-70106FAAD2F1} 


(we use the CRM GUID to help with matches/integration, the GUID is imported as a relationship attribute into TRE)


We tick to automatically reciprocate relationships


the end result looks like it works in a quick test...a single reciprocated relationship is created in TRE,

and each end has their respective CRM GUID attribute.

but i dont understand how it is working, and therefore not confident.

I thought "Automatically Reciprocate Relationships" worked at a single row level.

But IOM must be matching the 1st and 2nd rows, treating them the same and not creating TWO reciprocated relationships,

Can anyone give me confidence that IOM can do this type of matching on different rows? is it just matching on relationship(type) and id at both ends of the relationship and this is what makes the two rows be treated as the one relationship that they are?

thanks in anticipation.

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