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How to Check No Valid Address on Bio 1 if address lines are blank


I'm fairly new to ImportOmatic and I did try to do a search on the Forum before posting so please bear with me.

I set up a profile to import what will probably be new donors that all we have is their email address and I want to make sure the No Valid Address checkbox on bio 1 is checked

In case there are existing donors on that list that I do have full addresses for in RE, I do not want the check box checked

I would think I need to do a virtual field to make this happen or a dictionary on the Const Code field (which I don't currently have in the data file but I could add a column that would be blank)




Hi Joanne,

This would probably be better accomplished through a default set rather than a dictionary. Dictionaries aren't capable of looking at information on an existing RE record, so we couldn't apply logic that says "if it's an existing donor do this, and if not do that".  However you could create a default set that checks the box for no valid address, and then assign that default set on all newly created records.



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John - thank you SO much!!  (of course I had to figure out how to add a default set, but I did that)

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