ImportOmatic is ready for download!

This is the time of year where many of us commit to improving ourselves, and ImportOmatic has gotten into the spirit too!  With this update, we’ve focused on fixing bugs and issues identified over the past few months.  We’ve also improved the way default values are handled on some fields when importing payments to Recurring Gifts and Pledges.  Take a look at the release notes below to see if any of these fixes and features will benefit your team! 

When you’re ready to install these updates to the ImportOmatic suite, you can download the installation file here. If it’s been awhile since you’ve run an update, why not take a quick look at the installation instructions first? 


If you’re using RE or RE NXT in the Blackbaud Hosting environments, you don’t need to do anything to install this update.  The next time you open ImportOmatic, it will update automatically.

ImportOmatic version, released January 18, 2019

This update has been deployed to the Blackbaud Hosting environments.


When applying default values from Pledge ID/Recurring Gift ID, values included in the Field Map will take precedence over the default values for the following: Receipt Number, Receipt Date, and Credit Card fields

Fixed issue where Import ID was listed twice under Gift Amendment fields in the Field Map

Fixed issue where the first constituent code in a file is always added as the primary constituent code, regardless of profile settings

Fixed Error: Index and length must refer to a location when comparing to existing constituent codes

Fixed issue where ImportOmatic was not honoring user settings regarding long- and short-description table entries


Updated exception message to be clearer when the Enhanced Packages/Appeals Processing Master File cannot be located

Fixed issue where selecting "Do not create new constituents" bypassed the duplicate search screen when trying to match by alias

Fixed issue where Credit Type was not updating via Gift Amendment imports

Fixed issue where Recurring Gift payment import was not honoring "Allow inactive Campaigns, Funds, Appeals" setting

Fixed issue where the duplicate search was not honoring the option to treat the data row as an exception when ID mismatches, triggering the duplicate search screen to appear

List Management

Fixed display issues for Primary Alumni - Degree and Primary Alumni - GPA columns in the List View