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Replacing leading 0


Would anybody be able to help me create a Reg Expression for replacing the leading 0 of a mobile number with 44 but leaving any other 0's alone?

So 07123456789 would become 447123456789 

Many thanks, 


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My personal preference is not using regex as I generally want to do other things (ex. remove hypens and paran's or who know).  In the 'afterdictionary' section I would;

 'XX is whatever your column name is of the telephone number

if Left(import.fields.getbyexcelname("XX").Value,1)="0" then



The above basically reads as "if first char of the telephone number is Class is the 0 then make the telephone number 44 plus the remainder of the telephone number minus the 0.  There are different ways to code but think you get the gist.  Note: the above code is not tested or anything else just a quick typing of a possible solution.

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