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Remove the Leading 'R' from a Custom Question


Using the IMO Classy connector, is there a way to remove the leading 'R' from a data field? On our Classy donation form, there is a custom field question for the donor to input their team's ID. This team ID is always going to start with an 'R' and this team ID translates into a fund record ID without the 'R'. Example: Team ID = R46478 and Fund Record ID = 46478. 

I have attempted to create a dictionary using RegEx but it does not work with my test importing. Here is how I have the dictionary set-up:

Replacement values: --Blank--RegEx

Values to match on: ^R(?=.*)

I have attempted other various dictionary definitions I could find when looking through the different forum questions but I am still not able to get any of them to work.

Alternatively, I have tested a dictionary where I had the specific Team ID translate into the specific Fund Record ID and it worked. But the down side to this method is that we have 2,700 teams and I don't want to enter all 2,700 team IDs into a dictionary.  

Is the above RegEx dictionary correctly set-up? Or any suggestions on how I can make the Team ID convert to the Fund Record ID? 

Thank you!

Since you want to remove every "R" from the incoming data, you can use what you have set-up, but just change Value to match on: R

This wouldn't work if there was a chance that "R" would appear somewhere else in your data string.


For your Team ID question, you may find it easier to export your dictionary, add the other TeamIDs in Excel and then create a new dictionary with that (same way you share dictionaries with others). I'm sure there's a way to do this with API if the TeamID exists on the donor's record somewhere.

think this should work;


Thank you Barbara! Your suggestion worked! I was trying to make it too complicated with all that detail to match on. I will also look into your other suggestion of importing a dictionary. This could be helpful with future needs. Thanks again! 

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