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Recurring Gift Entry Error

Hi guys - I thought I'd bring this to the forum because everyone is usually pretty great here. 

I'm getting a strange error code when I'm importing a gift as a Recurring Gift Pay-Cash. Caveat: It's not happening all the time - 3 of the 4 in my data file will import just fine.

But one - or maybe 2 - will have this error code:

Source row 1 produced Excel error row 2: Error in Split Gift: This payment can only be applied to recurring gifts given by the donor of the payment.

I'm not importing a split gift, and the gift amount matches in the file as well as the initial Recurring Gift in Raiser's Edge. The Gift ID in the file is matching the Gift ID to apply the recurring payment to in RE....I'm just stumped.

I'm usually pretty good at navigating error messages, but since this is happening with such specificity, there's something I must be overlooking.

What was the solution to this problem? We have the same message.

Do you have a dictionary where your converting old gift IDs to a different #? If so, I bet the problem gift ID is in that dictionary. Delete the entry and try again.
The message means your selecting the wrong constituent to apply the gift to. I regularly import recurring gift payments and I get this error if someone has changed the name of the donor (without terminating the old recurring gift and creating a new recurring gift). I put all of those exceptions into their own file and when the constituent match screen appears I need to pick a different constituent, usually the spouse.

Gift Import ID isn't part of my file. It's not in any of my files in which I match to an existing Gift ID.

It should be trying to match on the gift import ID, which could be different from the Gift ID.  Have you tried querying on the gift import ID?

It's not. It's matching directly to a constituent ID. I've even deleted the Recurring Gift in the record and re-added it. I've even pulled a query of anyone with that Gift ID to see if it belongs on another gift (I know it's a unique identifier - but it was worth a shot). And that, of course, produce no alternate results as well.

I get this every two weeks (payroll deduction import). It means that the constituent who is making the payment, is not the same constituent where the original recurring gift lives. Is that the case with your data?

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