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Processing data files that contain both in honor of and in memory of gifts

We recently switched from BBNC to GiveGab (Kimbia) and purchased IOM to help with the import of these gifts into Raiser's Edge. My data file contains a mix of tribs and non-tribs, in honor of and in memory of, and orgs and individuals.  I'm hoping that someone can offer some advice on the most efficient way of handling data files.

During training I was taught to set up multiple passes, the first of which would skip out the tributes and create the tribute record and subsequent profiles would bring  the tribute gifts into batch. Then in another pass I would bring the non tribs in using a third pass. 

I have had some success importing tribute and non tributes gifts using multiple passes, but only if the tributes in my file are all the same tribute type (in honor of only or in memory of only),  I spoke with support and was told that I needed to use  two passes when importing the tribute gifts, but I know that I am missing a step somewhere. I have read everything I can find on the IOM Support site, but it doesn't seem to address my question.  Any advice you could give would be helpful.

I'm beginning to think that there must be a more efficient way of doing this and I'm looking for suggestions on either what I'm doing wrong or how I can make the process more efficient.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  We are approaching the busy time and the files are only going to get bigger.  I'm hoping to resolve this as soon as possible.

Your comment above ultimately led me to my solution.   I checked my dictionary and there was an issue with the spelling of my entry for in memory of.   My data file did not match what was in my dictionary.    I also notice another mapping error and when I fixed this I was able to import both tribute type gifts together on one pass.   Thank you for responding to me.    I am sure I will encounter other issues, but I am taking them one step at a time.  Now on to mapping my Organization profiles.   Thanks so much.  

You might be a lifesaver.  I haven’t even gotten past the tribute phase never mind the Org passes.  In the end one tribute gift is always an exception.


Let me just outline my steps for the tribute batches. 


Pass 1 – create tribute records and relationship (using the full file)

Pass 2 – to bring in the first tribute type into the gift batch (using IOM update file from pass 1)

Pass 3 – to bring in the other tribute type into gift batch (I don’t know which file to use for this one.


This is where I have a bunch of questions: 


· Can I use the same profile for pass 2 and 3 or do I need to create two profiles, one for in honor of and one for in memory of?

· Currently I am trying to do this using the same profile.  Is this the problem?

· If  I need two different profiles how do I set up the profiles to recognize the difference between In honor of and In memory of?  The Support analyst is telling me I need to split out the tribute but I really done understand where that fits in the process.


I do this every day from a variety of sources and don't have any issues importing both Honor/Memorial within the same file. Can you tell me what happens when you attempt to do both at the same time? Maybe you just need a dictionary to redirect?

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