Omatic Cloud Updates - February 5, 2020

Data Grid

  • Updated grids to include more bulk actions and give you the flexibility to remove records from processing.  You will now see the following options on most grids:
    • Send All - Formerly labeled "Process"; sends all of the records in this bucket to the destination.
    • Send Page - New everywhere; sends just the first page of records in this bucket, allowing you to test the first 100 records before committing to the whole data set
    • Delete All - New in some buckets; deletes all records in this bucket from the processing queue
    • Delete (per record) - New in some buckets; deletes this specific record from the processing queue
  • Updated Summary Fields settings to only offer the fields that are eligible for display in the grid, rather than all mapped fields
  • Updated 1-to-Many Data Differences to default to using the Source value, for consistency with 1-to-1 behavior

Formula Wizard

  • Added mapped field count to collapsed nodes in Field Mapping, making it easier to see which areas you're using
  • Simplified the language and layout on the Matching settings, making it easier to understand the purpose and impact of each

Formula Management

  • Fixed issue where a formula could get stuck in the "Paused" state


  • Added ability to reprocess against the latest destination data in Ready bucket


  • Fixed issue where Alternate Lookup IDs were always updating if the Type matched, rather than respecting the rules set by the user
  • Fixed issue where only the first Attribute Value displayed in data grids when multiple Attributes were mapped

File Upload

  • Added ability to download example file if you loaded an incorrect file