Omatic Cloud Updates - May 27, 2020

Data Queue

  • Fixed issue where scheduled formulas would display the incorrect next run date and time on the Data Queue Card


  • Fixed sporadic issue where new formulas would not start processing
  • Fixed issue where Integrations/Formulas page would load very slowly for some users
  • Fixed issue where applying concatenation and transformation to the same field did not produce desired result.  Now if concatenation exists, the transformation applies before and after the concatenation, across all fields being concatenated.


  • Expanded add/remove field functionality to include secondary objects, such as Opportunities
  • Fixed issue where a field could become disabled if added/removed in the display multiple times
  • Added ability to send Constituent updates to Luminate Online
  • Added ability to send Offline Donations to Luminate Online 
  • Added ability to link Payments to original Recurring Gift Opportunities.
  • Fixed issue where you could only add additional GAU Allocation objects when creating a new formula, but not when editing an existing one


  • Added the ability to create Groups and Group Members in BBCRM, which align with Teams and Team Members in Classy
  • Added the ability to process Peer-to-Peer donations from Classy to BBCRM
  • Added the ability to process offline transactions into Classy from BBCRM
  • Added the ability to process offline transactions into Luminate Online


  • Fixed issue where users were limited to adding only a single tag in the Field Map