Omatic Cloud Updates - October 21, 2020


  • Added ability to update an existing Opportunity Contact Role (OCR).  To use this feature, the Opportunity ID and Contact ID, plus any additional matching fields designated in the formula, will be used to locate the correct OCR.
  • Fixed issue where formulas were not properly converting the Source ID to the proper Salesforce Contact ID when sending Opportunity Contact Role updates
  • Fixed issue where an '&' or '#' in a name field would cause an error during synchronous matching

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added the ability to map 'End date' for Constituent and Revenue attributes in BBCRM 
  • Added the ability to add a new or match an existing Revenue Acknowledgement Letter in BBCRM based on new Revenue Letter field objects
  • Leading and trailing whitespace is trimmed from incoming strings to align with the behavior a user sees when entering data manually, directly in BBCRM
  • Addressed an issue where revenue imported to BBCRM via Omatic Cloud was not getting the recognition credit configured in the BBCRM "Donor recognition credit type", under "Recognition Settings". Revenue should now have the correct donor recognition applied to newly-added revenue.

Luminate Online

  • Improved performance and reduced API calls when pulling donation data