Omatic Cloud Updates - November 11, 2020


  • Expanded wizard to allow user to select from all available CRMs in the wizard, making it easy to switch between instances.

*Note: if you start to create a new Data Source through the wizard, you should complete the formula before attempting to start new formulas.  This will prevent duplicate copies of the same Data Source.

  • Added the support for implementing contextual help on fields (such as tool tips) in Field Mapping
  • Fixed issue where changing the Data Source while creating a new formula would trigger an error

Data Queue

  • Updated the Resource Center (bottom, right corner of Data Queue screen) to make creating contacting our Support team easier

Data Grids

  • Added Match Reasons to matching record grids


  • Added new formula for Luminate Online Surveys
  • Updated the Luminate Online Email Activity formula to now access any Contact-related objects, including custom objects
  • Fixed issue where exceptions could occur when attempting to send records to Luminate Online and matching by LO ConsID


  • The BBCRM endpoint has been expanded to support the following:
    • Recurring gifts and recurring gift payments going into BBCRM
    • Employer relationship data
    • Ability to map/define constituent source
  • Fixed issue with “Edit if matched” and “Add if not matched” fields causing incorrect data to be displayed on the matching review screen


  • Added the ability to map Groups and Subscriptions from the system of record to Emma. Instead of mapping to each Group and Subscription in Emma, you can now create one or more mappings based on query output fields, and those mappings apply to all instances of that Group or Subscription.