Omatic Cloud Updates - January 6, 2021


  • Fixed issue where new formulas scheduled to run daily would always require waiting until the next day before running.  Now, if the formula is started before the daily run time, it will run on the same day it is created.


  • Fixed error when matching to an Appeal field that had no value provided
  • Updated "unauthorized" error message to "Username and password is invalid or expired"
  • Added clarifying information to common errors when sending data to Altru

Blackbaud CRM

  • Added support for importing Constituent Educational History
  • Expanded Tribute import functionality to support associating an incoming Gift with an existing Tribute.  Previously, the Blackbaud CRM import only allowed creating new Tributes.
  • Expanded Tribute import functionality to support creating Tributes associated with an existing Constituent as the Tributee
  • Added clarifying information to common errors when sending data to Blackbaud CRM

Flat File

  • When importing flat files, rows without any data are now skipped.  Previously, empty rows would be imported with blank fields.


  • Added Payment Type as a mappable fields in the Classy Transaction formula type. You can now include Payment Type when sending transactions from Classy to your system of record, adding more context to your donations.

Luminate Online

  • Added support for ISO-8859-1 characters


  • Improved error message when an incomplete address is provided


  • Added the ability to retrieve new Emma Contact records through the Subscriber formula type, even without any subscriptions selected on the Contact's record

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Added the ability to select multiple configuration options for Salesforce Marketing Cloud profiles. When configuring Salesforce Marketing Cloud formulas, you can now select multiple (or all) Email Lists, Tracking Event Types, and Campaigns within each formula.
  • Added the ability to filter on Email Lists within the Email Activity formula type, allowing you to retrieve data related to specific emails sent through Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Omatic Post to General Ledger

  • Added destination financial system templates to the Canadian environment
  • Added a total of all debits and all credits to the same account in the Pre-post/Post Report
  • Deactivated the Raiser's Edge serial number field
  • Fixed issue where pledges were included when they were set to be excluded in the gift type filters
  • Fixed issue where dynamic fields weren’t working in the Canadian environment due to permissions
  • Fixed issue where zero dollar gifts produced an error: ‘Data aggregation failed. Reason: unable to parse NaN into number’