Omatic Cloud Updates - April 28, 2021


  • Fixed issue that prevented Alternate Lookup ID from showing in the Matching Settings screen of the formula wizard


  • Added new Formula: Salesforce Report to Mailchimp. This formula allows you to use a Salesforce Report to isolate which Contacts are sent to Mailchimp.
  • Added new Formula: Salesforce Report to Luminate Constituents. This formula allows you to use a Salesforce Report to isolate which Contacts are sent to Luminate Online.
  • Fixed an issue with Any Object formulas, where mapped fields would clear if you reopened the object picker to select new objects or fields


  • The ‘Add New’ button will now be disabled when viewing matched records, if you have mapped the ‘Edit if matched’ field under Constituent/Individual. If the ‘Edit if matched’ field is not mapped on the Constituent/Individual, the ‘Add New’ button will still be enabled.  Click here to learn more.
  • Added new Formula: Luminate Online Inactive Sustaining Gifts to BBCRM Constituent Revenue. This gives you the ability to update Recurring Gift statuses.


  • We've released a new Connector for Omatic Cloud: Swoogo! With the Swoogo Connector, you can easily sync event registrants with your system of record. To learn more about Swoogo, click here.

Luminate Online

  • Resolved an issue where current, active Centers on the Data Source configuration were allowing empty values


  • Fixed an issue where Open email activity was not included for some campaigns
  • Fixed an issue where Bounced email activity was not always included in data retrieved from Mailchimp


  • Added new formula type: Communication Preferences. This formula allows you to sync Subscriptions from Encompass to BBCRM. 

Engaging Networks

  • Will now display an error message if a required Proxy IP Address for Engaging Networks is not whitelisted
  • Fixed issue to ensure First, Middle, and Last Name fields are available when importing from Engaging Networks 
  • Improved error messages for Engaging Networks permissions issues