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Defined Fields more dynamic

It would be neat if defined fields had the flexibility to include both a defined value, plus a concatenated value or the current date.

For example, on import if possible we would define a "Source" field on imported donations with:

"Online Gift Omatic Import dd/mm/yyyy" where the date is automatically today's date, and the text is input by us. 

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Hi Brooke,

Thanks for sending this idea in!  This makes a lot of sense, and it has me thinking about other scenarios where someone may want to use both "concatenate" and other transformations like "current date" or "defined value".  For example, Opportunity names or External ID numbers may benefit from using a defined value before or after the mapped value.  We'll talk it over as a team to see if there's a way we can incorporate it into Omatic Cloud soon.  

Out of curiosity, how is your team solving this challenge today?

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich

Senior Product Manager | Omatic Software


Hi Brooke!

In tomorrow's release, we will be including a new update to the concatenation tool. You will now be able to concatenate a mapped value with a defined value or a current date. 


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

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