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A way for data grids to display unmapped fields

We would like for the grids to display unmapped fields such as suffix1 and suffix2 in the BBCRM production cell on the grid. This will help with identifying the right record. Many times we have Jr. and Sr. living in the same household or using the same email address.




Hi Melisa! 

In reviewing your idea, I was wondering if you have tried using the 'edit summary fields' and to add 'suffix' to the destination fields that are displayed? Here are the steps in Omatic Cloud:

In the 1:1 review screen, I clicked the 'edit summary fields' link to open the edit display grids dialogue box:

Add Suffix to the Destination Name fields to display:

Although 'Suffix' was not mapped in my formula, by selecting it to display in the destination grid, it pulled back the suffix for the matched record in BBCRM

If this action is something you've tried and you still don't see the expected result, we can talk about your idea in more detail.

Thank you!


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