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Support for additional CRM Query Types

I am requesting support for adding additional CRM Query Types to be visible when pulling data from CRM in Omatic Cloud. From what I understand only Queries of types Constituent and Revenue are available. I would like Membership to be added to this.

Currently we are working on Syncing Membership information between Encompass(iModules) and CRM, our CRM queries are all of type Membership and are not found by Omatic Cloud.

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Thank you for your idea submission. We believe adding the BBCRM Membership query type would be helpful to many of our BBCRM system-of-record users and have it on our short list of BBCRM enhancements to be done this year. We will keep you informed of our progress. 



Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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 Are there any plans for other Query Types as well or is it just Memberships for now?

Memberships is next on our list; what others would you like to see? We can always evaluate what is requested with complexity of the change with value to our users. 

Thank you!


 We are working on setting up our Connectors, so at this time I am not sure which ones would provide the most benefit. I was more curious if you had others in line. The only other type I can think of that may be beneficial would be Event Types. I will be sure to add any future Type requests to this Ideas portal.

Great, thank you Michael!

Hello, Recently during internal discussions, we found it could be beneficial to add the "Marketing Efforts" query type. Specifically with our myEmma integration. Currently  we are manually importing our marketing efforts into myEmma via Flatfile.

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