Omatic Cloud Updates - September 1, 2021


  • Improved error handling to minimize "Page not found" errors


  • Fixed issue where Omatic Cloud would attempt to add another match code to results, triggering an exception

Blackbaud CRM

  • In the BBCRM Constituent/Revenue formula, blank values will no longer overwrite destination data for fields mapped within the Constituent/Individual section
  • Fixed an issue where child objects with "Edit if matched" mapped caused the 'Add new' action to be disabled in Needs Attention buckets. The 'Add new' button will only be disabled when the "Edit if matched" is mapped at the primary level.

Omatic Post to General Ledger

  • Omatic Cloud will now test your connection to your data source (ex: Salesforce) before allowing you to edit a formula, preventing connection errors later in the process
  • Improved Data Queue Card error message when the FENXT batch fails validation during the posting process
  • Fixed an issue where status was not being updated properly when posting to FENXT
  • Fixed an issue where Salesforce child objects were not being populated in the output file