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Allow Multiple Instances for the Classy Connector

I have two different Classy for two of our affiliate organizations and we have to bring in transactions from each affiliate separately. It would be nice to be able to bring all transactions from both affiliates in one profile. 


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Thanks Denise for the submission.  That is a very interesting idea to be able to connect to two different Classy instances and then import them together at one time into RE.  I am guessing that you have two different IOM profiles at the moment and you are running them in two different imports.  And what you are suggesting is to be able to configure a profile once and tell it to pull data from both Classy instances based on the date range and other filters entered.  We know that this type of complex integration is where we would like to go.  There are definitely hurdles to deal with when considering this type of integration when considering Classy concepts such as different campaigns and custom questions across the two different Classy instances.   We will definitely keep this one in mind when we get to being able to handle the different complex scenarios that we can encounter.



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