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Emma Response API - Mailing ID

I have discussed this with your team, but wanted to put an Idea post out there.

Currently, Emma's Response API only includes the Mailing ID for the 'Delivered' type. We have a request out to Emma to include this on the other Response Types.

However, I was wondering if it was possible to snag the Mailing ID from the API call itself as a work around? Since the calls are structured as: "/#account_id/response/#mailing_id/[type]", would it be possible to save the mailing_id used in the call and use that to surface the ID in the Emma Connector as a workaround  in the meantime?

Hi Michael!

I wanted to let you know that my team will be investigating this request to implement during the second half of this year. I may reach back out to you if we have questions and will update you once it is implemented.



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Hi Michael,

As we discussed via email, this functionality has been implemented.



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