Omatic Cloud Updates - March 2, 2022


  • Added the ability to filter and return Fundraisers from RENXT
  • Added ability to import Pledges and Pledge Payments to RENXT
  • Added translation of commonly used Consent Responses to enable easier field mapping


  • Fixed error on Recurring Gift Link lookup for an opportunity to be tied to a Recurring Donation in the Salesforce Any Object destination
  • Added a new setting in the Salesforce Any Objects formula to allow users to turn-off fields from being required in mapping


  • Fixed an issue where selecting a single campaign would potentially continue to pull selected campaign data continuously, without regard to campaign date or previously pulled data

Engaging Networks

  • Fixed an issue potentially preventing Supporter formulas from completing record retrieval 


  • Added the ability to fetch linked files from read only directories


  • Added the ability to map up to five designations and corresponding amounts within the GiveCampus Gifts formula type


  • Added a new formula type, HubSpot Contacts by List, allowing users to segment contacts sent to the system of record using HubSpot Lists

Luminate Online

  • Added a new formula type, Import LO Individual Donations to Salesforce Accounts & Any Objects, allowing users to sync donations to Salesforce Account objects