Product: ImportOmatic
This solution discusses how to troubleshoot an attribute description that will not import
Environment: All
Version: All


If the Attribute Description is a Table Value:

1. Check the data file to ensure that there is a value in the column that is mapped to the attribute description

2. Check the profile to ensure that the description value is mapped appropriately. For additional information on mapping attributes, please see this solution

3. Check within The Raiser's Edge Configuration under Tables. Locate the table that is associated with the attribute. Does the intended description value exist in the table? If not, it should be added.

If the table value does exist, does it match the description value that is mapped in the data file? If it does not, you may want to create a Dictionary to translate the value in the data file into the intended description value in the designated table. You can also turn on the option within the profile to automatically add table entries. Otherwise, update either the table value or the data file description value so that they match to one another.

If the Attribute Description is a Text Field Value:

1. Check to ensure that the description is not over 255 characters. The Raiser's Edge does not allow attribute description values over 255 characters (this includes spaces and punctuation)

If the Attribute Description is a Numeric Value:

1. Check the data file value to ensure it is numerical.

If the Attribute Description is a Yes/No Value:

1. Check to Ensure that if the value is intended to be "Yes" that a value of "True" is listed as the value in the data file. If "Yes" is the value, create a Dictionary that will translate "Yes" to "True" and associate the dictionary with the attribute description column.

If the Attribute Description is a Constituent Lookup Value:

1. You will need to change this to either a text or table value. ImportOmatic does not import descriptions to Constituent Lookup Value Fields. You may file a suggestion at the IOM Uservoice for consideration of future implementation of this functionality to our application.

If there are elements of attribute functionality that you would like to see that ImportOmatic can not perform, you may be interested in learning more about our Open API customization services for clients using version 2.0 and above of ImportOmatic.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.