Product: ImportOmatic
Description:  Occurs when campaign in file does not match existing campaign in RE
                       Occurs when campaign is not provided from data file or profile
                       Occurs when campaign is marked as a required field in RE
Environment: All
Version: All


If the campaign is already present in the mapping, this error can occur if there is a mismatch between the format in the data file and what The Raiser's Edge is expecting.

Check the RE User Options to see if RE is looking for the ID or the Description for the campaign.

To check the User Options, go to RE-->Tools-->User Options-->Records-->Campaign

Edit the User Options to match the format in the data file.

If the campaign is not being provided from your data file or as a value within a virtual field in the IOM Profile: 

You must include the campaign in your import to continue. This may be added in your data file and mapped in your profile.

Or, if the campaign will be the same for all incoming gift records and appear on each constituent, you may setup a virtual field to populate the campaign. 

Please refer to this solution on how to create a virtual field that uses a "static field (field name)" function.

For additional information, please access the ImportOmatic User Guide