Product: MailOmatic for Accounting
This solution describes why a row will show up grayed out in the grid when sending EFT or Payroll notices
Environment: All
Version: All


If there is no email address on the record for a vendor or employee, the row will appear grayed out.

If there is an email address in the grid, and the row is grayed out, that means the payment notice has already been emailed. The payment will still appear in the grid if the option When searching, exclude payments that have already been notified is deselected on the Module Settings tab in Settings.

If another email has to be sent to the vendor or employee, highlight the row, right click and select Reset Notification Status.

Proceed as usual to send the email.

Check the box on the Module Settings tab if the email does not need to be resent and the payment does not need to appear in the grid.

For more detailed information regarding MailOmatic for Accounting, please refer to the User Guide for MailOmatic for Accounting