Product: SegmentOmatic
Description: How to navigate between segments
Environment: All
Version: All


Use the left pane to navigate between segments and the right pane to view segment detail and assign appeals to segments.

Use the + and buttons in the left pane to expand and collapse each segmentation node.

The total number of constituents within a segment is displayed as the second number in parenthesis next to the segment name. The first number in parenthesis is the number of constituents with an assigned appeal.

Click on any active segment in the left pane to view the segment details in the right pane. Segments with no constituents are grayed out and details are not available.

Click on any active child segment in the left pane to view its segment details in the right pane.

Clicking on the lowest segment displays the constituents within that level. The constituent ID, constituent name, their segment ID, and whether the assigned appeal has been committed are displayed.

To view the right pane as a list, click on the down arrow next to the grid button above the right pane and select List View.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please review the SegmentOmatic User Guide.