Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses replacing a constituent notepad type

Environment: All

Version: All


The current functionality of IOM does not allow this as a standard type of import that can be performed. You can however perform this update with a global change within RE. 


You will need to group the affected records in a constituent query. You may then use this query in RE > Administration > Globally Change Records > Constituent.  


You can select the query of the affected records within the global change window. You will then select a parameter of  Notepads > Type. You may then choose an 'Operation' = Replace. From this point, you will select the 'replace' table value for the type and the 'with' value for the new type.  


Preview changes prior to making the changes permanent on the queried records. 

***When using global change it is highly recommended to have a valid and recent backup copy of your RE database prior to the change available. 


Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.