Product: MailOmatic for Accounting
Description: This solution discusses how to include the organization name and check stub information on check stubs when generating EFT notices via MailOmatic for Accounting

Environment: All
Version: All


  1. In Banks, click Edit Account Details
  2. On the Payments tab, highlight the appropriate payment type
  3. Select the correct blank check format from Set default check type drop-down list
  4. Click Edit Payment Options
  5. Select Check Format and mark the Include checkbox under the Address field
  6. Select the appropriate address to include on the check from the drop-down list
  7. Select either check only, check stub only, or check and stub from the drop-down list
  8. Click OK
  9. Save and close

NOTE: Your organization MUST purchase the Blackbaud Accounting Forms to have access to the "BP" blank format. If the Blackbaud Forms module has been purchased and is installed, this can be accomplished using Financial Edge settings. For further information, please navigate to page 17 of the Financial Edge Banks Guide.

For information on Account Forms, see How to print forms on blank paper or what is Accounting Forms?

For instructions on setting up the address, refer to How to add a new organization address to print on checks (BB111036).

You may also want to see BB38175: How to add a new organization address or update an existing address to print on checks

If the Blackbaud Forms module has not been purchased and installed, Omatic Software can add a logo and address. Please note that this addition requires a customization to the template for a fee.

Please provide the following information when creating your support ticket if you would like to purchase this customization: 

1. Which format is currently in use for checks? The following are the available options for checks in The Financial Edge: EFTPYUS1LPP001, EFTPYUS1LPP002, EFTPYUS1LPP003, BP001, BP002, and BP003.

This information is required because each format requires a different template. 

For more detailed information regarding MailOmatic for Accounting, please refer to the User Guide for MailOmatic for Accounting