Product: MergeOmatic
Description: This solution describes the duplicate results screen
Environment: All
Version: All


The columns displayed can be controlled in MergeOmatic Configuration on the Columns tab.

This screen can also be accessed from the Duplicate Results window screen, using the Column Options link.

Groups are displayed in alternating white and gray/tan. The first record in a group will be the survivor record when bulk merging and is tagged with a life preserver icon. Possible duplicate records are displayed along with their similarity scores.

The best matching addresses for each group are displayed along with the first phone and email values from those addresses if they also match. Non-matching phones and emails are not displayed by default. As you mouse over the group, the preferred addresses are displayed along with their phone and email information, regardless of how well they match.

Non-constituent records have a blank Constituent ID.

Left click on a record to see side by side information of this record compared to the survivor record.

Right click on a record to complete various tasks.

For additional information, please refer to the MergeOmatic User Guide.