Product: MergeOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to search for duplicates offline
Environment: All
Version: All


Running a full duplicate scan on a large database can take a time and utilize a lot of server resources. An alternative can be to run the full scan on a recent copy of the database, then transfer the search results to the live database via SQL commands. Here are the steps for accomplishing this:
  1. Install and configure MergeOmatic in your live database.

  2. Create a backup of your live database.

  3. Set up a standalone test environment of the Raiser's Edge using a this backup copy. See Blackbaud Knowledgebase Solution BB12333 for instructions.

  4.  Install MergeOmatic in the test environment.

  5. In the test environment, use MergeOmatic to scan your entire database for duplicates. Make sure the test environment machine is not set to hibernate or shut down automatically. Check it periodically to view progress.

  6. When the scan is finished, use SQL Server Management Studio to export all rows from the tables "MergeOM_DupeResults" and "MergeOM_ProcessingQueue". Import these rows into the same tables in the live database.

  7. [Optional] In the live environment, to refresh your scan to account for any constituent changes that may have occurred, scan the database again using the same criteria. MergeOmatic will only scan those that have been changed more recently than they were scanned, so this will be a much shorter process.

  8. In the live environment, review possible duplicates and add to the merge queue as appropriate. Either execute the merge processing manually or use the AppOmatic task scheduler to schedule the merge process to begin processing the merge queue after hours.

For additional information, please refer to the MergeOmatic User Guide.