Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to update existing addresses

Environment: All
Version: All



When attempting to update a specific existing address record, there are two ways to proceed: 


  • Start by exporting the Constituent Address Import ID from RE along with the first and last name (if needed). You will use the exported Constituent Address Import ID on the data file with the address information you are attempting to import. The Address Import ID will be mapped as Constituent > Address > Address Import ID.


  • You may choose to turn on the processing rule found within the IOM profile in the left-hand navigation pane under “Addresses” labeled “Always Pause the Import to Show the Advanced Address Processing Form”. In your data file, add the address as it should appear after import. Map all address fields needed in the profile to match the incoming data. The advanced address processing form will appear for each incoming record allowing you to select to “Update Existing” on the specific address of your choice.