Product: ImportOmatic

Description: While editing a profile and viewing the Virtual Fields section, there is a Test Code button located in the bottom right corner of the profile configuration.

Environment: All

Version: All

Answer:  The test code feature is used to verify custom API functions.  However, it can also be used to preview and verify your dictionaries, functions, proper casing, name parsing, and virtual fields prior to running an import.  

Test Data and Field Mapping

The Incoming Data pane contains the data you wish to test.  Click the Load from File button and select your import file.  You will be prompted for how many rows within the file you would like to test.

Note: The Load from File option works with data files only (.csv, .txt, .tab, .xls, .xlsx).  It does not work with other connectors.

Click OK to load the data.  You may also type data directly into each cell.

Click the green arrow button to begin the test.  The Computed Data pane displays the data as it will be imported, applying dictionaries, functions, proper casing, and virtual fields.

Test API Code

The Errors and Process tabs are for use with testing API functions.  See the Introduction to the ImportOmatic API documentation for further information on getting started with the code editor and test code features.

Please refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.