ImportOmatic gives you the ability to import several individual relationships at a time.

The main constituent is mapped using the Record Type Constituent Field, which can be an individual or an organization. That constituent's phone, email and address information is mapped using Constituent Phone - Number, Constituent Email - Address and Constituent Address Field.The individual relationship is mapped using the Record Type Individual Relationship. That constituent's phone, email and address information is mapped using Individual Phone - Number, Individual Email - Address and Individual Address.Each piece of a relationship is grouped together using the relationship grouping number column to the right of the Value Type column. Use a different grouping number for each different relationship. For example, if importing students and parents, parent 1 will use relationship grouping number 1 and parent 2 will use relationship grouping number 2.

Processing Rules


If the relationship is a full constituent, you may optionally add reciprocal relationships during import. Check the box next to Automatically reciprocate relationships.If the relationship is a new constituent, select whether the constituent’s address should be copied to the new relationship’s address or copied and shared with the new relationship. This setting works with new relationships only.

Relationships--> Individual

Indicate whether IOM should search the constituent database when importing individual relationships. If you do want IOM to search the database, and no matches are found, select whether the relationship record should be added as a full or non-constituent.If the constituents have more than one type of relationship (eg, siblings and business partners), check the option toCreate new relationships when imported relationship type is different.If relationships will match to existing constituents, you can see the side by side comparison utility for updating bio fields. 

If importing spouse relationships, use the box Treat individual relationship in group #x as spouse. This will add the relationship to the spouse button, and ensures that the primary addressee and salutation fields are populated correctly.

Please use the following link to locate the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.