Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses updating the primary business address on a constituent's record without updating the address on the organization record

Environment: All

Versions: All


Typically business addresses are linked between the organization and the individual records. When updating the address on an individual record in The Raiser's Edge, a message is displayed to choose between updating on all records that share the address or update this record only, which breaks the link between addresses.

In ImportOmatic, there is not an option to select what to do here, so IOM preserves the links and updates all records that share the address. This will update the organization's address and all the individual business addresses that are linked.

The link will need to be broken during import.

1. In the profile, go to the Addresses section and select to Always pause the import to show the Advanced Address Processing form

2. During import, in the AAP, open the existing address that's being updated

3. Select Address--> Address Sharing Options

4. Click on Stop Sharing This Address

5. Save and Close the address record and select Update in the AAP

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.