Product: ImportOmatic
This solution describes how to remove data or values using IOM

Environment: All

Version: and higher


There is no special mapping needed to remove data from certain fields on constituent records.


The fields that can be deleted are: Middle Name, Titles, Suffixes, Nickname, Maiden Name, Gender, SSN, Birthdate, Marital Status, Target, Birthplace, Income, Religion, and Ethnicity. Attribute description, attribute comment, and attribute date can be removed from Constituents, Individual Relationships, Organization Relationships, Participants, Memberships, Actions, Proposals, Jobs, Education Relationships, and Financial Relationships. Gifts are not updated as they would need to be adjusted or amended and neither allows for editing gift attributes, so gift attributes are not updated.


In your data file, enter a carrot symbol: ^ this will indicate that the data in the field should be removed.


Map this field as normal.


When removing data from a bio field, be sure that the option to update that field under Constituents is selected.


After importing, the data in that field will be removed.