Product: ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online

Description: This solution discusses the proper method to follow when importing tributes from Luminate.

Environment: All

Versions: All


**Please note the fields used on forms may vary**

There are a minimum of three passes required to bring in tributes from Luminate to the Constituent record. 

Step 1: For Pass 1, in your donation profile, you will add a dictionary to create a skip row exception. You will apply it to the "Recognition - Type". The dictionary would look similar to the screen shot below, but would need to include any Tribute types in your LO Settings:


Step 2: Once the profile has been mapped, save and close the profile by selecting the "save and close" button at the bottom right of the profile pane.

Step 3: Select Import Processing and import.

Step 4: Copy the Pass 1 profile and create a second profile that only maps the tribute information. All tribute fields will be mapped as the constituent. This profile will be processed using the Skip Row Exceptions data file that is created from the first donations import.

For example:



Step 5:  Update your tribute settings to mark the profile as a Tribute Profile:



Step 6: Select "Include the Import ID of all matched or added Tributes in the output file" under the Output Files setting located on under  Output > Files on the left pane to create an output file that includes the Tribute Import ID:


Step 7: Save and close the profile and run the import.

Step 8: Create one last profile, using the Output file that is created (that includes the import ID). This profile will need to map the Tribute Import ID as shown below. The remainder of the fields will be mapped just like your regular Donations import. This profile must be processed by importing the data file that was created from the previous pass. 


Step 9: Save and close the profile and run the import.