Product: ImportOmatic
This solution describes how to match to existing constituent records
Environment: All
Version: 2.4 and higher


If you are attempting to match incoming records to records that are currently existing within your RE database and new records are being created instead, you may need to check your duplicate criteria. 

To determine which duplicate criteria set or sets are selected for use within the profile, use the following steps: 

1. Open the IOM profile in question from IOM > Configuration > Import > Profiles

2. Double click to open the selected profile

3. Once the profile is open, click the drop-down arrow next to the processing rule labeled "Duplicate Search"

4. Select "Criteria" 

5. On the right of the view, make a note of the duplicate criteria sets that are selected with a check mark. These are the criteria sets that you will need to view in IOM > Configuration.

Once you have the duplicate criteria set or sets recorded, use the following steps to view/edit the duplicate criteria sets

1.  Go to IOM > Configuration > Import > Duplicate Criteria

2. On the right of the view double click to open the selected criteria set

You may use the following Omatic Knowledgebase solution for guidance on editing the criteria set. 

Alternately, if incoming records are not matching, you may need to check the unique identifier in use ( ex. Alias, Constituent ID, Email, Constituent Import ID) to determine if it is formatted properly or entered correctly in your data file for appropriate matching upon import.