Product: ImportOmatic
This solution discusses the functionality of the skip rows requiring user interaction check box selection
Environment: All
Version: and higher 

Please review the following functionality explanation from our IOM User Guide below: 

Skip rows requiring user interaction

Depending on your profile configuration and your import data, ImportOmatic may open one or more interactive forms for each record that requires user input.  Once you have made the appropriate decisions, the import continues on to the next record.  If your import requires lots of user interaction, this can add significant time to completing the import. 


Select this option to bypass all user interaction popups.  Records that do not require user interaction are imported while records that do require user interaction are written to an Exceptions file along with an Error file – the Error file contains info on which popup would have appeared.  Those records can then be imported later when you have more time or perhaps imported with different profile settings.


Skip rows requiring user interaction can not be used with the Review incoming data option.