Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution walks through the different data source filtering options for API connected formulas. 

Environment: All

Versions: All


In your API connected formulas, you sometimes have the ability to further filter which information is being retrieved. For example, specific Campaigns, Donation Forms, or Events. In the example below, we are filtering Donation Forms, but the same settings will apply across other data types: 

  1. Include all current active donation forms and any future active donation forms
  2. Hand-pick from current active donation forms only

If you select All current active [donation forms] and any future active [donation forms], Omatic Cloud will include all existing data. As you build new Donation Forms in the future, those will be included as well.

Note: using this option, you will not be able to exclude specific Donation Forms. 

If you choose to select from current active [donation forms] only, you will hand-pick which Donation Forms you'd like to include. This option would be useful if you have past or inactive campaigns that you do not want to sync with your destination. 

Note: using this option, "select all" will include all existing Donation Forms but it will not automatically include new Donation Forms added after the formula is built. This means you will need to return to the formula and opt-in to new Donation Forms as they are created.