Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution discusses how to manage offline donations in Salesforce

Environment: All

Versions: All


Depending on your internal processes, you could be inputting offline donations a couple of different ways. Some nonprofits will enter the donation directly into their system of record, while others opt to enter the donation into their Peer-to-Peer platform. It is important that the data is reflected in all systems for consistency as well as for reporting purposes, acknowledgements, and more. 

Manual Entry of the Offline Donation into your Peer-to-Peer Platform

If you enter offline donations directly into your Peer-to-Peer platform (and you are using an API connected formula), you will need to make sure your formulas include the offline donations. 

In the formula settings, you will see an option to 'Include offline donations.'

Manual Entry of the Offline Donation into Salesforce

If you enter offline donations directly into Salesforce, you will need to send them to your Peer-to-Peer platform. To do this, you will create a report-based formula in Omatic Cloud. For tips on how to track offline donations in Salesforce, please refer to this knowledge base solution.

First, make sure you have a report built in Salesforce that captures the offline donations you'd like to send. For more information on building reports, please refer to this Salesforce trailblazer community article. 

Tip: you will need to include any relevant fields that you'd like to map from Salesforce to your Peer-to-Peer as columns in your report.

Next, create a new formula, and select the Salesforce Reports to Classy Donations formula type (if you're using a different Peer-to-Peer platform, the formula type will vary).

Next, select the report you created above. 

You will then be taken to the data mapping screen. For more information on data mapping, please refer to steps 10-14 in this knowledge base solution.

Tip: ensure all of your formulas sending gift data from your Peer-to-Peer to Salesforce exclude offline donations to avoid duplicates.

Coordinating the Formula Schedule and Report Date Filtering

We recommend filtering your report by a date field. Then, schedule your formula to run on a complimentary schedule such as daily or weekly. This will help avoid duplicate offline donations being entered into your Peer-to-Peer platform. 

Example: filter your report to pull Salesforce Opportunities created 'Last Week.'

Then, update your schedule settings in your formula to run weekly.