Product: ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online

Description: This solution discusses how to create an ImportOmatic profile for Luminate Online Multi Group Sync

Environment: All

Versions: IOM and later


The LO Multi Group Sync profile allows for populating multiple Luminate groups from Raisers Edge queries at once.

The fields to send over to LO are determined from a Raisers Edge Export. The records to send over are determined from a Raisers Edge query.

1. Create a Raisers Edge Export. It's ok to leave the Include selection set to All Records.

2. Under Output, select the fields to send over to Luminate. The minimum required are: Last Name, System Record ID, and Email (found under Phone number)

3. Save the Export. You can use the same export for all Group Sync profiles or you can have different Exports for different groups needs.

4. Create the query of records to send over to Luminate. The onlyOutput fields required are those needed for reviewing the query results to ensure these are the correct records to send over to Luminate.

5. Save the Query.

6. Go To Plug-ins>ImportOmatic

7. Click Configuration>Export 

8. Click Add

9. Select Omatic Cloud - LO Multi Group Sync

10. Enter the API credentials

11.  Click on the Gear icon to open the Source setting.: NOTE: Multi Group Sync is unable to send over non-constituent or List Management records

12. Click Select Export and search for the RE Export saved in step 3

13. Under RE Query, click the button with the 3 dots and search for the query. Type in the LO Group name. NOTE: If the group name does not match to an existing group, a new group will be created in Luminate

14. Hit the Tab key to add a new line and select the next query and enter the next group

15. Click Save

16. Map the profile as needed. In the final row, map Group to Group

17. Save and Close the profile

18. Click Export

19. Select the profile and Export to populate the groups in Luminate

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.