In the Data Mapping screen, you can apply Transformations to fields, which will do a find-and-replace when certain values are identified.  For example, I may want to change a gift status of "memory" to "In Memory Of" before sending that tribute gift to my destination:

You can also Define a field value using the Concatenation feature, which will allow you to combine two or more fields from the source before they are sent to the destination.  Continuing the example of tribute gifts, you may combine the type with the tributee's name:

If you want both of these functions (transformation and concatenation) to apply to the same field, the order they are applied matters!  To set the order that these functions are applied, use the drop-down menu at the top of the Data Mapping Screen:

By default, Omatic Cloud will apply transformations before concatenating fields.  However, you can use this setting to reverse that order.  

Using the example above with tribute gifts, if we transform the gift type from "memory" to "in Memory of" before concatenation, here's what we get:

However, if the concatenation happens first, the transformation no longer works the way we set it up and the outcome is not ideal:

Other times, you may actually want the concatenation to happen prior to transformation.  

For example, if you are using two incoming values to decide how a record is routed to a specific mailing list, you would want their concatenated value to be what gets transformed, rather than each value individually.  For example, I want active members to go to lists based on their membership level. I want expired or cancelled members to be left out of those lists, regardless of their membership level. I can concatenate the "membership status" and "membership level" fields, then use those combinations to set output values

Concatenated fields, without transformation:

Transformation into the mailing list names, based on the combined value:In the example above, "Active Individual" would be added to the "Members Active General Levels" mailing list, and Expired and Cancelled members would be excluded by replacing those words with blank fields instead.